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Company Name iMAPP Corporation
Innovative medicine and any peptide pharmaceuticals corp.
CompanyLocation 26-41 Kamiyanagi-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto 603-8355, Japan
TEL & FAX 075-463-4765
Established August 2, 2013
Capital 1,000,000 yen
A representative Toshio Nakatsugawa (Representative director)

Business description

  • 1. Utilizing our intellectual property to the fullest, we develop the following business in order to use the research and development of innovative medicine and peptide drug pharmaceuticals.
  • 2. Research and development and support for innovative cancer medicine (ultimately optimized cancer treatment at the individual case basis, clinical trials of new drug products, etc.) 
    1. (1) Commercialization of a sensitivity and toxicity test kit using three-dimensional culture of human-derived normal regenerative tissues or cells
      (Patent) Methods for forming normal regenerative tissues, the normal regenerative tissues and methods for assessing sensitivity and so on. Korea Patent No. 10-0777993, Japanese Patent No. 4183619,E.U. Patent: No. 1444994 including the concept of 3D-OCS, US Patent: No. 8592176 and No. 9695396
    2. (2) The application of this patented technology, by three-dimensional culture of human organ-derived normal cells as a model of the regenerative epithelial tissue in each organ, by co-culture with cancer tissue, to test the effects of anticancer agents, or drugs, etc., and the side effects, that is, a test system, for sensitivity, etc. (Test Kit Technology Development).
    3. (3) Commercialization of the above test kit and of novel intellectual properties, contributing to the research and development of ultimately optimized cancer treatment at the individual case basis..
    4. (4) Commercialization of the extracellular matrix coated multi-well culture dish or flask used for a wide range of purposes above, that is, to manufacture and sell them from this year.
  • 3. Research and development of peptide drug discovery and market development by novel oral drug delivery system (DDS). 
    1. (1) (Patent) Absorbable polypeptides from the digestive organs.
      (with higher than 30% of bioavailability based on the titer equivalent).
      *Japanese Patent: No. 4271075
      *US Patent: No. 7,910,115
      *E.U. Patent: issued in 4 countries in EU.
    2. (2) This novel oral DDS of protein such monoclonal antibodies is usually administered via injection method may reduce the increase in medical costs due to injection, that is, the reduction of medical waste, hospital burden to the patient and the excessive stress is a purpose
    3. (3) Use of this patented technology(DDS technology by fusion polypeptide with Natto-kinase Carrier), it is possible to convert the administration pathway of the non-absorbent via digestive organ and physiologically active peptides, to the orally administrable one.

Specifically, the research and development plan is focused on the number of candidate substances with high marketability and non-absorbent but physiological activity.