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I am the representative director of iMAPP Co., Ltd., Toshio Nakatsugawa. In response to My brother S. Nakatsugawa's persuasion that he would like to make more effective use of the two intellectual property that he invented, and contribute to the innovation of medicine, especially cancer medicine, I agree to establish a company in the biomedical and pharmaceutical activities, and will undertake the representative director. This is the company which was established in August, 2013.

Utilizing the first of the intellectual property that we have, we commercialized a kit based on the 3D-OCS (three-dimensional orthotopic culture system) that utilizes the maximum use of the method of forming the regenerated normal tissues in order to test the toxicity on them as well as cancer tissue sensitivity against anticancer agents and so on. As the industrial product name "Cell Pallet" (trademark Registration No. 5953087), it was produced and transported to customers around the world at last this time. This kit is capable of reproducing and examining the cell interactions between normal cells and cancer cells under an environment close to the micro environment within any organ or tissue in vivo. That is, by co-culture with human organ-derived normal cells and cancer cells or other normal cells, the effects of drugs such as anticancer agents as well as the test system of adverse reactions, it becomes possible to use this kit, in the near future, for sensitivity test of each individual patient. We believe that the adverse effects can be reduced to a minimum, and that the anti-cancer effects can be maximized and contribute to the ultimately individualized optimization of cancer medicine.

Another intellectual property, "Novel DDS technique by NK (natto kinase) carrier, make non-absorptive via digestive organ and physiologically active proteins or polypeptides to digestive tract-absorbent ones." By the practical use of technology (novel per os DDS: drug delivery system), we would like to make advance in the development of the technology to convert the therapeutic agents of the physiologically active peptide, but non-absorbent via digestive organ, which was mainly administered by injection. The purpose of this technology is to reduce the increase in medical costs due to injection, decrease in medical waste, and reduce excessive stress in patients.

Through this kind of corporate activities, we will contribute to society through the innovation of better medicine, especially cancer medicine for our patients.